IE Law School

Condolences notice of the passing
of José Pedro Pérez-Llorca

We deeply regret the passing of the founding partner of Pérez-Llorca Abogados and founder of the Pérez-Llorca IE Chair for Commercial Law, José Pedro Pérez-Llorca.


The Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair for Commercial Law is a joint initiative created by IE Law School and Pérez-Llorca. This Chair is devoted to applied research and publishing in the area of commercial law and will focus on legal practice in an international context.

The aim of the Chair is to create applied research of an extremely high standards in the area of Commercial Law and to share this research with law firms, companies and law schools. All of this will be carried out through the joint activities of the  IE Law School and Pérez-Llorca .

This Chair was created with-in the frame of the activities carried out by  IE University.

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